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​(The Seals-it Home Office)

Welcome to the Seals-it website. Our company has been in business for over 25 years and manufactures seals and other products for many industries including NASCAR, motorsports, 4 x 4 off road vehicles, industrial, medical, agricultural, aviation, aerospace,
transportation, construction, ​mining and more. 

There is a difference in how seals are made and there are seals on the market today that are inferior to the seals that Seals-it manufactures. Many times we get calls from someone who claims to have an axle seal that has leaked or failed during use. When the seal is sent to us, it turns out to be one of the inferior seals made elsewhere that was purchased at a lesser price and did not last. If you want to do the job right and prevent issues from happening, then use Seals-it made products and avoid the problems that come with using inferior made seals.

All of our products are patented or patent pending by us. When you purchase one of our products you get peace of mind knowing no knock offs, copies or fake parts.

Our company can mold and bond rubber to steel and along with our CNC equipment and CAD/CAM capabilities we can design, build and
manufacture parts to meet your needs. 

The company research and development team is always patenting new products and constantly testing, redesigning and evaluating them.

All of the products we produce must pass our extensive quality control process and that is not just one part but all parts! Our company goal is 100% customer satisfaction
with everything we produce.

We are proud of the fact that everything we make is done at
our Ellington, CT location!

You may purchase our products in several ways either by using our online store,
Seals-it Store, from any of our product distributors listed on the Distributors pages
or by emailing us directly.

Feel free to look around our website and if you have any questions please see the
​Contact Us page on how to reach us.